Strength & Speed Training

Our sport specific strength and speed training at CSI is divided into 3 groups: Rookies, Competitors, and Champions. We will build and develop their strength, speed, power, and agility safely and progressively based on their foundation and maturation process.

Rookies: (Elementary) is designed as an introduction to strength and agility training. Body weight strength training and local motor movement patterns will be emphasized.

Power 1: (Middle School and younger) is designed to develop the foundations of strength and speed training.. Athletes will learn proper weight lifting techniques, fundamental biomechanics for sprinting, jumping, landing and changing direction.

Power 2: (High School and older) is designed to maximize the athlete’s genetic potential. Athletes will engage in more complex techniques including Olympic lifting, sport specific strength, speed and agility training, and advanced plyometrics.

Chat’s Basketball Academy

Mire Chatman is committed to teaching young athletes the importance of dedication to the game, along with basketball fundamentals, basketball IQ, and advanced skill development including ball handing, footwork, getting open, shooting, separation moves, and effective team play. Coach Chat trains and develops basketball players from the ages of 4 and up, in group, semi private, and private sessions.

For more info, please contact Mire Chatman at 956-293-7635

XLR8 Volleyball Academy

At XLR8, our mission is to build a strong foundation of fundamental skills, increase mobility, strength, and speed while developing a strong volleyball IQ to reach your top performance. Laura Cavazos strives to provide strong relationships, professional, intense instruction, and challenging training, rewarding to those dedicated athletes who want to improve their volleyballs skills and game play.

SRFIT Fitness Training

SRfit is here inspire and assist the community in their individual fitness goals with a balanced healthy lifestyle. Saleena Rojas works with individuals of all ages through various modes of exercise including body weight training, free weights, medicine and stability balls, resistance bands, tubing, plyometrics, and cardio blasts in a state of the art facility. SRfit, takes pride in having a fun, energetic challenging training environment so that it can become part of your lifestyle. For more info, please contact Saleena Rojas at 956-240-6578

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