About Us

Since 2005, Cavazos Sports Institute has been the leading Strength and Conditioning program in South Texas!
Cavazos Sports Institute is a state of the art 20,000 sq.ft. speed and strength facility. CSI uses cutting edge research and scientific methods, to develop and increase the strength, power, speed, agility, and mental toughness to dominate your game. No other sports performance program in the RGV has the education, experience, certification, and proven results!
CSI incorporates the concept of periodization (training cycles to focus and improve strength, power, muscular endurance, speed) based on the athlete’s respective sport season. All athletes must first build and demonstrate a solid strength foundation before any emphasis on speed, agility and conditioning can be emphasized.

We do not break athletes down physically; we build them up progressively. Any trainer can make an athlete tired or sore. It takes a specialist however, to identify, dissect, connect, and prefect their individual abilities, limitations and imbalances to reach their athletic potential.

Quarterly, we can ‘post test’ athletes and compare them to day 1 assessments. This is a great way to stay motivated, and monitor individuals progression. We recommend training year round, and at least once a week during the athletes sport season to maintain power, and not digress in strength and speed gains.


Athlete’s Attitude:

Must be respectful to everyone in the training session regardless of what you play for or other social differences. Athlete arrogance will not be tolerated, along with poor effort or constant tardiness. All gossiping stays out the door. Cell phone use is prohibited once training session has begun.

Parent’s Attitude:

If you do not trust our training program or agree with our training philosophy and evaluation/recommendations, please feel free to find another program that better suits your needs. Athletes will not be allowed to receive “coaching” from their parents during a training program.


CSI reserves the right to refuse training to anyone who: is consistently tardy, on cell phone, has failing grades, shows signs of alcohol or drug use, or has a lack of effort and negative attitude.

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2900 Buddy Owens McAllen, Texas 78504