How to Enroll

As positive Covid-19 cases in our area rise, CSI will ensure the safety of its athletes. Effective August 3

Purchasing and scheduling options are available at Instructions are available below to register.

*Athletes must wear gloves during training
*Athletes must sanitize hands before and after training
*Athletes must abide by all social distancing protocols

*Equipment will be wiped down regularly
*A mask is required entering and exiting the building
*All water fountains are closed, please bring your own water

1- Log on to (DO NOT ENTER www.)
2- Make a username and password.
3- Click on the BUY link
4- Click on packages
5- Click on the package you wish to purchase
6- After buying your package select BOOK SESSIONS
(you must book and reserve EACH CLASS INDIVIDUALLY)

For example, If you purchased 10 sessions, you’ll have to book 10 sessions individually. Sessions do not expire and you can come and train as often as you book and reserve your classes.


– you must create and account for each sibling (name/password)
– in your profile, click relationships tab then add relationship
– click on sibling and type their name to add the relationship
– a confirmation email of the relationship will be sent
– once confirmed, you can book all siblings through one account in the “book for” tab in the “book sessions“ link
– after one sibling has been booked, use the “filter” tab to switch sibling accounts and book them into the same class or sign in with each account individually to register all siblings

*Athletes will only be able to cancel/reschedule a session online with a minimum of 24 hour notice.

*Any missed sessions that were not canceled or rescheduled before the advance 24 hour cut off time will be forfeited.

*Athletes will NOT be allowed in a group training session unless they are registered for that specific class.

*WAITING LIST OPTION. Athletes will be automatically booked into a maxed out class when there is cancelation if they are on the waiting list. *Due to the uncertainty of the waiting list we do not recommend using this option

*The MY SCHEDULE tab will show your booked / waiting list schedule for the month.

*Waiting list will NOT count as an attended session if they do not make the class roster.

Quarterly, athletes and parents will be able to monitor their progress and improvements from training at CSI. We will re-assess the athletes (same testing done on day 1) and athletes will be ranked and scored according to their results. This will give them goals to strive for to reach their athletic potential.

Contact Us

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